Overzicht van producten van fabrikant FieldWiz

Logo FieldWizLausanne

FieldWiz is a product of Advanced Sport Instruments.

Advanced Sport Instruments is a Swiss company established in 2011 in Lausanne, the Olympic capital.

The expertise of ASI is based on the two passions of their founders: sport and electronics. The first product, FlyNet, dedicated to free flight (paragliding,…) is at the origin of ASI’s technology development and know-how. Their experts excel in the development of ultra-precise on-board sensors, including positioning sensors (GNSS) and motion sensors (IMU).

Today, this technological expertise is the basis of ASI’s strategy: the development, production and marketing of solutions for demanding athletes who wish to improve their performance. These solutions include sensors, software interfaces and data processing algorithms and give the user the necessary tools for objective, highly accurate and reliable performance monitoring. For many years, Advanced Sport Instruments has been meeting the needs of both team sports and individual outdoor sports such as skiing, motor sport,…

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Toont 1 - 3 van de 3 items